BlogApp v1.3.2 (download)

For Mac OS X v10.2.5 (Not Panther)
Sep 17, 2002


BlogApp is a Mac OS X (Jaguar Compatible only) shareware application ($6) that allows users to easily post to their weblog. No features are disabled for non registered users, but there is an insignificant dialog that occasionally reminds users that BlogApp isn't free -- in short, this is not crippled-ware. A couple of the most widely used weblog engines include Blogger, B2, and WordPress. It has unprecedented features compared to other weblog poster applications. It was designed to function on Mac OS X v10.2 or higher. It's Objective Labs's answer to BlogBuddy if your a PC person looking for a similar solution.


A new Panther compatible version is in the works. The beta can be downloaded here.

New Features:

Standard Features:

Screen Shots: *click images to see a larger view

Editing Environment

Tags Drop-Down Menu

Edit Drop-Down Tags

Settings Panel

Edit Recent Panel

Edit Menu


System Requirements:

A Macintosh running a minimum of Mac OS X v10.2 or higher. BlogApp will not function on previous version of Mac OS because if it's use of advanced XML-RPC and the AppleScript Studio developer environment.


To purchase your copy of BlogApp click the PayPal button below. The price is only $6.00, and you get $5.00 free just for singing up for PayPal, the worlds #1 online purchasing source. That means for new PayPal customers it will only cost you a dollar! Your serial number will be e-mailed to the address that you register with paypal within 24 hours (usually much less).

With your registration you will qualify for all future updates to BlogApp for 1 year. Also, you will receive exclusive download access to builds between public releases that add some features or tweak some issues.


Install BlogApp:

Decompress the disk image with Stuffit Expander. Then mount the disk image. Finally, copy BlogApp to your hard drive, preferably in your Applications folder.
Launch BlogApp by double clicking it.


Choose the Settings option from the BlogApp menu (or press command-;) to open the configuration menu of BlogApp and enter your information. The settings area is also where you enter in your serial number, because you registered right?

Using BlogApp:

It is actually quite simple to use BlogApp. Once you have launched and configured BlogApp. Just start typing text into the main text area. When you are ready, click Post & Publish to post it to your weblog. Or if you want to save it for later, just click Post and your post will be stored on the server until you publish.

Taking advantage of new features of BlogApp:

Store Post:

Store post is a great new feature of BlogApp that has many uses. It's available under the File menu, or by pressing command-s. The obvious use to use it to save a post in progress. The not so obvious use is to use it as a template for all of your posts. When you choose Store post the text in the main window will be saved. This text will be automatically entered into the text area for every new posts, or each time you launch BlogApp. So people that like to start there posts with a <h3>  </h3> wrapped wound the first line of there posts can have that tag automatically there every time they start a new post. To clear out the stored text just empty the edit area and choose store post. The empty text is now the default text. I like it a lot. The more you use it the more uses you will find.

Tag Drop-down list:

The tag drop-down list is a powerful new feature. With it you can add any text that you want inserted. To edit the list choose edit list... form the right drop-down list on the BlogApp interface. A table should drop down showing the current tags and an edit area to add more tags. Click on a current tag and click remove to delete it. Tags only require a name and an opening tag, so you can use it to insert a signature line, a <br> tag, or anything you want. Now the tags use a smart insert technology. That means the tag is inserted wherever the cursor is or if text is selected the opining tag is placed in front of the selection, and the closing tag at the end of the selection. This is great for making words bold or making words into links. Your creativity is the limit.

Known Issue(s):


Q: I found a problem with BlogApp, who do I contact?
A: Enter a detailed description of your system and your problem into the contact page
Q: When I post a main template or archive template, does it publish too?
A: Yes, it publishes right away. There isn't a post without publish feature when you are working with templates. The changes will take effect as soon as the blogger server publishes them to your site (usually only takes a few moments)


I'd like to especially thank Steve Zellers of Apple Computer, Ben Trott of Movable Type, Evan Williams of Blogger, Michel Valdrighi creator of B2, and of course Dave Winer XML-RPC and Userland software creator. Thank you all for taking the time to help. Other contributors include Rob Jorgenson, Gregory Blake, Andy Warwick, and Joe Peichel. Thanks crew!